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Over 400 Users are actively using Xpert and the number is increasing rapidly

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Over 1.000 Incidents could be solved in a much faster manner thanks to XpertNow

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Currently 3 customer are using products from Xpert. We are currently onboarding more and more.


The advantages of the Xpert-Product Family are based on saving time and costs. With XpertNow you are much faster with regards to Ticket-To-Solution.
XpertShare let's you share your work in no time and with XpertDocu you can digitalize your documents / contracts fast and easy.






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XpertNow 3.5 is Live

XpertNow has a new version 3.5. Now it is easier to maintain roles & also prefixes for query that the IT support wants […]

XpertNow & XpertShare 2.8 are Live

XpertNow & XpertShare have a new version 2.8. After mainly focusing on performance improvements and with version 2.7  also the design of all […]

XpertNow & XpertShare 2.7 are Live

XpertNow & XpertShare have a new version 2.7. The versions between 2.3 and 2.6 were mainly performance improvements. With version 2.7  we overhauled […]

XpertNow & XpertShare 2.2 are Live

XpertNow & XpertShare have a new version 2.2. Here we could improve not only the design and the user experience. Now you can […]